A Month of Sundays

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Endless distractions

I think it's become obvious that the problem is not any particular distractor.. Myspace, dwarf fortress, my wife and son, facebook, online videos, and endless forums, but my capacity for being distracted and seeking out other sources of distraction (just kidding, dear)

House-hunting is weird. You walk in looking for a place you want to own, and either you're buying an empty home, or one that someone else is trying to leave. I find myself looking for clues about the people who had lived in a place, why they made one decision or another with paint, or landscaping..

Our realtor does her job, pointing out all the reasons not to buy.. Siding that will sponge up too much water and sprout fungus, roofing that won't last the winter, rooms that are designed oddly and will be difficult to use as we would want to.

I feel like I am forever passing judgement on the former or current residents.. Trying to figure out how i'll do a better job with their space than they have.. Or just trying to figure out who they are as people.

I shouldn't be considering any humans that won't be living with me. Writing little stories in my head about the people we will replace is too much of a distraction.. But i'm good at those.

Take it easy, i'll post again when I get to it..


Friday, May 22, 2009

caller ID surprise

Up at the big honkin flea mart this weekend, across the street from Mr. Taylor, and what should appear on my caller ID?



"Oh, hi .. I hit the wrong button trying to call someone.. Err.. how are you?"

Busy, but not busy enough to excuse my lack of social maintenance.

Been happily running a D&D game for several months, for some folks who seem to view all storyline as window-dressing for tactical miniatures combat, and who say things like "Ooh, the plot train is going that way.. CHOO CHOO!" whenever I give them a slight nudge (even when I intended it as misdirection).

Work has been whelming. Not overwhelming or underwhelming, just whelming.

I slacked off a bit recently in favor of rampant nerdiness, and went from top dog to "doing as well as expected dog" for about two weeks time.. Not sure I like that position, so I'll be barking a bit harder in the coming weeks.

My boss, even though he had seen me frequently playing games when I should have been working, clapped me on the shoulder and said "spend some time where you are.." when my numbers dropped. Guess I should take it as a blessing, but pride makes it hard for me to sit there. I might slack off of normal work in favor of "extra-cirricular work", things like writing articles that are actually more useful to my career than Dwarf Fortress..

Peace out, y'all. I won't promise more frequent updates.. but I do regret not having delivered some.

My vital organs chug away inside me

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attention Metro

Judging by the number of people on the first bus into seattle, you might take the hint that some folks would like to get into town earlier. Maybe even before 5 am.

Train service that early would be nice, too.

'Go round and round-- all over town