Thursday, December 27, 2007

Addendum... I love my wife.

Because you're near me..

Kudos to our televised overlords

Today, while cleaning my office, I watched two episodes of Scrubs on I had to watch commercials, didn't really pay attention to them or care.

Saved me the trouble of torrenting them. You see, I'm perfectly happy to let the evil corporation make a buck off me enjoying their media, if they give me the option. If they don't, I have trouble feeling guilty about doing otherwise.

It's as American as manifest destiny, which is to say it's okay to steal things as long as you believe you deserve them. I can't see myself applying this principle to say.. a shrink-wrapped dvd on a store shelf.. but a freely available electronic copy that doesn't actually deprive anyone of property by making it (and which WILL make me more likely to shell out for the DVD if I like it).. it's a grey area.

Not for me, but for a friend whose life is complicated in ways I hope to never experience.. Why did they change the locks?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's beatings...

At this moment I find myself in an overheated home, mp3s in one ear, family in the other, it's late in the evening and we'll be up later to wait for baking to complete.

Holidays are the time when family gets together to bitch about one another... Good times.

Perhaps a full blog post on boxing day. Heehe I almost typed boozing day.. That's a holiday...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This machine can only swallow money.

As the yule tide weekend (4 days--sweet) approaches, I continue to feel the crunch of work, I have trouble taking even part of a lunch, and I need to go shopping after a long day at work, in the company of a young man whose sworn duty is to disrupt such outings... Oh well, maybe he will know what to get his mother for christmas.

Stay frosty, watch your six...

Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is my first omg mobile posting to my blog. Not because I am in some exotic locale, or I am too lazy to get out of bed and use a pc (well, that at least might be a factor), but because I just set it up today so I can.

No song lyrics today... Just hum something until I work out how to post a hyperlink from the phone.

Friday, December 14, 2007

on that day we stopped a little...

the last two weeks have been busy. went to the beach, got trapped there by inclement weather, lost a good friend i haven't seen in at least 6 years, lied about having written a long blog post, and realized that my job is going to be there every day whether or not I kill myself doing it.
Last night saw me in a bar not drinking to the memory of someone I had let go of too well, and got re-acquainted with others I hadn't remembered to let go of... people who I should have been a friend to and wasn't. Nothing like a loss to remind you that you've neglected the people in your life.

So this morning I showed up for work 20 minutes early, rather than 50, I planned to take a full lunch but there was a schedule conflict, a training I had forgotten about.. I'm going to go to my job and do it the best I can, and not beat myself up trying to be the hardest worker. I made myself sick once before, I think because I had been constantly stressed. I'm learning to let go of the stress, trying to keep the productivity. Becoming a better employee is something that will happen because I love to learn.

Christmas is coming too soon. My wife does such a fine job of shopping for all the people in our lives, I really should harness this somehow, get her to shop for her own gift (just kidding, dear). We're having two christmases, one with my family, one with hers.. Plenty of wrapping, plenty of preparation. How do I find time to write this entry? Procrastination and guilt. The great thing is that procrastinating on one project for something I feel guilty about generates plenty of guilt to drive me on the thing I neglected.

Wish you were here..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This is the greatest and best blog post ever's


It was amazing. I can't even tell you. I wrote it in three acts, each more beautiful than the one before, and the first tied into the last with perfect rhythm.

Damn refresh button lost it. Could never produce that again.

Too darn sleepy right now.