Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Signs of the apocalypse

No, seriously, I saw a sign of the coming apocalypse. My little cable tv guide told me that Resident Evil:Apocalypse was coming on at 8 pm tonight.

Well, Apocalyptic in one sense, anyways.

Why am I telling you this?

It was coming on the Oxygen Network. Apparently it fit in nicely with their daily regimen of
1) Oprah
2) Movies about men who beat their wives.
3) Movies about children who have cancer.
4) Oprah talking to men who gave their children cancer by beating their wives.
5) Incredibly stupid but entertaining zombie movies.

Not really in the spirit of this blog, but it stuck out to me as unusual.

Went to the gym tonight. The last couple nights I've been busy with a) playing genesis games on my computer and b) taking care of my sick wife and son.

I installed flash on this computer, plan to do something about that soon.

To my two readers I bid a fond good night. I have a little boy demanding i turn off the computer. It's not like it was when he was little and just hit the keys randomly. Now he taps the power button saying "Take pooter off daddy lap!"

addendum-- google adsense will now appear on my site. hooray for capitalism..

Friday, June 22, 2007

Good habits are hard to start.

The last few days I've had an excellent excuse not to go to the gym. A painful blister appeared between the 3rd and 4th toe on my left foot, making walking around rather uncomfortable. Over the past few days I've been lancing it as much as possible, and last night i removed a dime-sized piece of dead skin from my foot. This left me with a foot that felt much better, but another excuse not to go to the gym. I can't use the shower, pool, or hot tub, as I am not so much wanting to acquire any new and interesting diseases.

Well, tonight I went anyways. Got dressed at home in gym clothes, went there, worked out, came home in my sweat.

Been a few days since i updated this blog, because I haven't really accomplished much in my grand plan. got the tv stuff mostly put back together, got some speaker cable which needs cut, stripped at the end, and attached to the speakers and my tuner.

Experienced a strange happening on my way to the gym tonight. I found myself at one point sitting on a left turn, waiting as a long row of cars went past. When the light turned yellow, I defied convention (and possibly traffic laws) by accelerating through the intersection to make my turn. As I neared the gym, I approached an intersection with a light turning yellow. Ahead of my a car raced through, having only been able to move when I stopped for the yellow light.

So he did what I did, which made it hard for me to hold that against him. But then I got to thinking. There wasn't a car behind me. If I hadn't been in that place at that time, he would have had a free shot at turning left on that green light. It was only my act which made his act necessary. Am I then in some way responsible for not one, but two infractions of the traffic laws?

Going to try to update a bit more often, I've got some thoughts percolating and we may see some materials posted here relating to this. Hey mushroom, is there an easy way to upload other sorts of media on this blogspot thingy? I plan to insert some flash movies. I can hack the html if it won't automagically embed them for me, uploading will be a challenge. I'd rather not have to host them anywhere else.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What you win in vegas...

Stays in Vegas.

We were up, we came down, we had some drinks, we're packing to go home.

Didn't play any D&D, but somehow this is OK. Blackjack is amusing.

Tomorrow I get to launder the smoke and booze and desperation out of all the clothes we brought with, even those that were never worn. Living as I do in a state where smoking is prohibited, it feels odd to be sitting in a restaraunt with someone smoking at the next table. The smell doesn't generally bother me, but it gives my bride fits.

Til I speak again, I leave you with the one thing I've learned on this trip. Split your eights. Sixteen sucks, you might as well die in style.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I loved today

Loved the directions I got.. "Not the first walmart as you go through town, but the second."

Loved hearing a rousing early morning cheer by the walmart drones. I can only presume that their job security depends on the appearance of sincerity. That or lead in the employee lounge's water cooler.

Loved, and hated myself for loving, the sight of a girl standing on the side of the road in a sweater and long pants, drenched by the pouring rain, advising us that her softball team was having a car wash. Good luck with that, sweetie. Loving sitting here in my empty apartment, a laptop on one side, a genesis controller on the other, and not having a damn thing to do or anyone depending on me. I miss my son already, no joke.

Leaving on a jet plane..

Preparing my escape today. We left early this morning to deposit our son with his grandparents, and I now have the rest of the day to play warsong clean and pack. One of our projects this last couple weeks, and by "our" I mean "my wife's" has been a complete reorganization of our living room.

One task remaining is the entertainment cabinet. We're ditching our old glassfront, and will be using a low wooden stand which currently has a fishtank on it, as it will fit under the windows next to the TV.

I took a moment to take a family photo.

When I got sick last week, I stopped keeping my little work log. I'm mostly better, but I suspect that the best time to resume doing it is "later." Later is a great time to do things. Everything I plan on doing will be done later, so later I will be very productive.


We're starting our periodic shift shuffle at work right now. I submitted mine before leaving, and don't expect to be stuck anywhere really unpleasant. My employer's blogging policy prevents me from relating any opinions regarding our scheduling department.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Returning to normal

Which for me, isn't all that impressive. My arms still ache a little, off and on, but I believe I'm well enough to try the gym tonight. Need to make sure i don't overdo things.

Probably tomorrow I'll have to get started on preparations for sunday. We're taking a flight to vegas, where I will be required to relax. And not do anything. This is actually kinda hard for me.

No, seriously, it's very hard for me. I have a ton of energy, I do a lot of things. My challenge is going to be having those things be productive and/or useful.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

oddly enough

I'm working today on sunday.

Have accomplished very little at home the other day, beyond basic care of my child and pet. Not even done those very well.

Friday I went to the gym, and put in three minutes and 25 seconds on the elliptical before my back-muscles told me it was time to quit. Spent some time in the hot tub, spent some time lounging (and lunging) in the pool, and when trying to get dressed, could not successfully put on my socks because it hurt too much to pinch or close my left hand.

Saturday I drank a fair amount of water, took some varied cold remedies, busted out my genesis (the savegame function works just fine, odd considering the batteries aren't supposed to last more than 5 years), and discovered that it has an annoying flicker on my projection screen. Will have to try on a regular tv screen, but it was greatly entertaining to be playing those games with a controller rather than a keyboard.

I'm currently sitting in an 80-degree office waiting for my lunch to conclude on a sunday. I agreed to work night shift today and tomorrow because my corporate overlords found it amusing (and I'm a team player, like the mouse who agrees to beta test mousetraps).

Using too many parens. Another sign that I've gotten lazy as a writer. I'd blame it on the heat, but that's just making excuses. Erm... My arms hurt too much to avoid them. This is a much better excuse. It implies that the problem is due to whatever mysterious ailment has caused my body to feel like one big pulled muscle the last few days. Can't be my fault, right?

I hate this illness, i really do. I sat by helplessly the last few days as the home I intended to clean became progressively messier, and then could only watch as my wife cleaned last night, rather than us actually spending some time together. I like doing stuff. I like taking care of things. We were out of milk this morning, and really low on it last night. Normally I would have dressed myself and my boy and walked down to the store. I was fairly sure attempting to carry a gallon of milk would introduce me to a new world of pain and suffering. And though he would try gallantly, my heir apparent would have trouble lugging one all the way home. He has carried such weight before, but usually decides to stop after ten or so feet.

With any luck I'll accomplish some things tomorrow before work. My car needed it's oil changed a month ago, probably still does. Tonight I would like to accomplish some video gameplay, but I've heard it's hazardous to forsake one's spouse for sega.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Addendum: How I waste my time.

Seriously, I spend waaay too much time playing dicewars.

not even a saturday..

Yesterday was a wash. I was sore in my entire body yesterday. I did get the kids out for a walk, but aside from that I just lazed around the house. Meh. My corpse is not responding right now.