Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cue the happy music

Bad news first: I'm no longer eligible for overtime pay, and I'm going to continue working OT as much as possible until things cool down...

Good news.. my new job likes me so much that as of friday I am a regular employee, making 5/4 my previous pay, which was a pittance more than when I was babysitting crackberries and their owners. Now I'll be babysitting people who are supposed to know what they're doing. And usually they do. woot. WOOT!

Not much else to write about, really. We had a medical situation in the family which was not an emergency, not a surprise, more scary than it should have been, and absolutely necessary.

Me, I'm sporting a new (massively ancient) toy i need to setup, and because of it i need to make some hard decisions about my home network setup. Also need to decide what computer crap I'm keeping and what I'm getting rid of, as thursday i have to drive to seattle and will therefore be able to swing by a recycler. seems you can't legally throw away computers.. for good reason, really. Anyone want an EGA monitor?

the blood that lights your eyes

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Did I say "week"??

I meant month...

Friday I had the first half of the day in training.. back when i was in a "call center" that would have been great.. No calls to take, maybe a bit of a queue to kill when i got back, but i still got breaks and time to relax.

No more... training was more intense than I ever had at the old place, and when I got back my customers all still needed to be helped... and my boss told me "Take care of the premium customers (they pay more for support), any anyone with a really long wait time, but mostly I need you to take as many new cases out of the level one queue as possible, and we'll deal with the fallout from this on Monday."

Joy of fricking joys.

I'm already up and gone..