Thursday, July 31, 2008

Riding off perpendicular to the sunset...

In the squeaky metal cage one last time.

As I may have neglected to mention, I will be moving, tomorrow, to a new shift, starting close to the time the sun rises. This means getting there on time will involve a starting time which is not acknowledged by transit and many species of bird.

What does this mean? Less moblogging. When I post it will generally be at a proper computer, from which I can post proper links to lyrics or youtube.

Also will mean a bit more time, say 3 hours, during which I need babysit no customers or children. During this time I may exercise, write computer code, construct model siege equipment, study for my trepannier's license, maybe even finish Zelda:Twilight Princess or Pharaoh. Every single day, almost. It's a fantastic notion, really.

In local news, we seem to have broken this whole "nice sunny day" habit. It was an unhealthy indulgence, and could only further embolden californians to move into our neighborhood and drink coffee at our diminishing supply of starbucks locations. Not sure how I feel about the rain today, which seemed to be mostly mud. Maybe a bit more sunshine wouldn't hurt. C'mon, jetstream, don't hold out on me..


Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging towards Gomorrah

Or Everett, I think.

Not Gamera, probably.

Been reading a lot of Shamus Young's blog, lately. If you'll forgive me for being 2.0 here, I found that this was a riveting read: Even though it has afflicted me with the urge to dust off the ol' compiler, and severely reduced my productivity for a little while, bouncing between it and actual work.

The bus ride home is a ritual which pleases me less than the train did, but I have become accustomed to it. I can't object to it in a serious way, and is probably easier on my wallet than driving will be (which starts in a couple weeks).

Not too much of importance else to say. I have a gift for one of my readers... I discovered it on my trip through oregon, and will need to mail it, or order another and have my chosen e-tailer ship THAT one, keeping the first for myself.

Servers are heavy. Not the ones that bring you coffee, but the ones that bring you email. The former are probably just as tough to lug around, but generally you only have to carry the latter, really..

I'm a little scattered due to my obedience, right now. Shortly before leaving work, I was ordered to imbibe a Pabst Blue Ribbon. As I wsas short on time, I elected to drink it without pausing. As a thousand tiny blades bit the back of my tongue, it was declared that I would be reasonably expected to produce an impressive belch after finishing it. I believe I did not disappoint.

You know we ain't gonna die....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How I'm spending lunch today...

Because from an hour before I was supposed to take lunch to an hour before I was supposed to go home, I was persistently working on a problem.

Well, two problems... Person problem, and VPN problem. One made the other take too damn long.

Why? I'll tell you, it was --

OOOH! Something shiny! What's this?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dropping the captchas

And allowing anonymous posts.

Gotta be free... Having to moderate will give me something to do.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A daddy's pride

Forgive this sappy post about my family.

Tonight, as I put my little four-year-old to bed, I asked if he wanted his lightning mcqueen night-light on.

He said "no thanks daddy, I don't need it anymore."

Pride.. unrestrained pride.

Just like me he quotes movies as an alternative to actual conversation. >MY< son.

save some time for dreaming..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun fact!

When I type the word "dammit", my phone's autocomplete suggests the word "woman" to follow.

Friday, July 4, 2008

That poor dog...

Doesn't even know his delicious ketchupy fate.

Hope y'all having a good nationalist explosion day.

We're tired from moving, and still have more to do. The good news is we signed for 18 months.