Monday, October 22, 2007

A week of mondays

Gotta love it.

We're busy at work.. consequently, every day I will be rising at 5, out the door by 6, and back home at 6:15. Sadly, this is just to get in an extra hour each day of work.

Learning a ton, though. Starting to get the feel for phone conversations, even if I do feel like I have to actively conceal my ignorance on calls. This is what I signed up for, though. A chance to learn things I had never been exposed to before.

I shouldn't complain, though. Tonight I get to actually sleep next to my wife, and tomorrow, and for two more days after this. Also, and I know better than to say this is more exciting, tomorrow night I should theoretically be able to master a dungeon. Hain't done that in a damn month.

Aeria gloris

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Treading water

And thinking of taking a swim..

The new job is starting to fit better. After 7 working days of doing my job, and a week and change before that of independent study, I had some regular training. Something seems a little out of order there.

Didn't stop me from actually talking to customers yesterday. I was a little shaky on one call where the customer needed a walkthrough, but I found ones where there was a tricky problem to solve were not that bad. One I was able to crack no problem, another one was super confusing. I told the customer I'd call him back with a fix within half an hour. 40 minutes of four more experienced people also scratching their head later, we found the problem. Turns out that if you take the configuration file from a machine in network A, put it in a machine doing the same job in network B, you can probably get by, until you expect those two networks to play together. "No, that's MY subnet! No, it's mine! MOM!!" called dude back, fixed it quick.

Another call I knew the answers, but it was going to be a lot easier to type up everything without the customer asking me eight thousand questions that weren't related to anything I support. So I let him go, researched one odd error message he'd asked about, typed up instructions on the fix to his original problem, and updated the case.

Good times.

You load sixteen tons an' what do you get?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trying to be a bit less filtered...

And failing.

I love my wife.. not much else I'm going to say.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrating my new handheld

With a look at things I do when not at work or home.

Which mostly covers my time on the train..
(seriously, is that an ampersand? If so, why?)

And on my lunch break.
(exterminate, exterminate)

I see some things on the way which engage my interest as a general nerd, which apparently includes "train nerd"
(I just need one more of these and a microphone.)

And wasting time with one of my electronic toys..
(not so much a gameboy with tetris, as an automated smackdown device)

My many electronic toys
(some might say, too many)

Oh, on the top right there? That's a 6800 from $carrier. It has it's foibles and idiosyncracies, which I am used to as a former support dork for similar time-wasters.

Which the awesome power of this pocket computer, I

1) listen to the radio (fm reception is crappy along the train's route) via the internet
2) ???

I've loaded a Sega Genesis emulator, but my game that I still play on the genesis doesn't emulate well on it. (some emulators can handle the code they used to display menus, some don't).. I've gotten my work email setup, which is great if you actually want to bring your work home.

I've had limited success with the web browser. I loaded opera mobile, which teased me by allowing me to think i was logged in and able to post on my blog, but crashed when I hit the submit button.

Now I've updated my blog, for those who have complained.

Maybe I'll launch a moblog, since I'm planning on doing some walking of the streets during my lunch breaks.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gadget Envy

[edit: I love my wife. I really really really love my wife. We talked tonight, she said I can buy my new phone tomorrow. She hadn't even read this pathetic whining here. ]

It is a constant with public transportation that while it relieves you of the stresses of traffic and driving, it leaves you with a large amount of time to kill. I have this:
People near me have these...

Just sayin, is all... 'snif.

Ain't life a mystery?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Internal or External?

Recently I've been giving a lot of thought to a long lost friend. Two of three nights, another person who has drifted away from me was in my dreams. I can't help but wonder if this is my own sub-conscious trying to purge the buffer of unresolved issues, or a message from the Cosmic WhatIf that for my own spiritual growth I must deal with these matters.

Last night was very disturbing, in many ways. My nocturnal bride didn't come to bed until well after midnight, and I had conked out well before it. After I got back to sleep, in my mind it was a warm summer night, and a social to-do was going on. I was thinking heavily on the subject of the late hour, and that I had been awoken at the late hour, and I knew I needed to get myself back to sleep so that I could be refreshed for the next day of work. Instead I was caught up in meetings with the aforementioned fragments of my social circle, and I watched with great concern as time ticked away, and I had only the time to actually go to work from the party. I began walking away from the place, and as I got to the boundary of this dreamscape, prepared to step on the street outside it's boundaries, I collapsed to sleep, waking up to realize an entire day had passed, and I had missed work while asleep.

I think I woke up somewhere in the middle of the party, checked my alarm clock, found it was an hour before I needed to get up, and returned to the same dream. Strange when that happens, makes it hard to figure whether you actually woke up. I remember the physical feeling of my body resting on the bed, sore from sleeping on one side for so long, so I think it was real, but there is no real certainty in it.

Back to the recurring thoughts of those I've left behind. It's October. This month is considered by many cultures to be a time of death, or more to the point, of transition through renunciation. I find myself wondering if this is a sign that I should seek resolution, but not to reclaim these friendships, simply to let them go. In both cases, letting them go altogether is a painful thought. Neither has given me a reason to think that holding on would be valuable, or good, but I've never had any skill with ending things.

In other news....

The job is going well. I'm actually able to do my work now, which is a huge relief in many ways. Spinning my wheels was driving me crazy. I'm making mistakes, but I'm also having successes. And anything I do wrong is currently being caught by my boss, and can be regarded as an essential part of the learning experience. Later when I begin working over the phone, without that safety net, should be interesting.

But their world has flat backgrounds and little need to sleep but to dream

Monday, October 1, 2007

I am what is wrong with the internet.

In the last hour, I have added "teh", "gotta", and "zomg" to my MS Office dictionary.

Getting back into the swing of things, a fun weekend behind me, and entering my second week of training with (zomg!) actual training. Not that all the reading I did last week was time wasted, I can tell you I needed it, but it's nice to have something a bit more hands-on.

Lunch break is short and Herfy's was every bit as delicious as I had feared. Less dangerous to my checking account than my waistline, too.

If you find time in your life to sit down and play a board game, and you should make the sound decision to play RoboRally, I would recommend the following time-saving measures.
1)Play without the option cards, or with their use sharply limited (like 1-per player)
2)Limit the number of boards sharply. They can take longer than you plan.
3)Be prepared to change the "final goal" if your game goes long.

If you want a shorter game, I was recently introduced to Fluxx. It's much much easier to learn than it appears. It's amazingly fun.

Most anything that says "Catan" in the title is also good.

And here you have seen me drift topic for no apparent reason. Another reason that I am what is wrong with the internet. Now excuse me while I use company bandwidth to look at pictures of cats.