Monday, May 26, 2008

Last morning in the place

Where the people do the thing until the next time. Beaten, battered, and I still need to clean up and pack the car.

Crimes against bathroom walls.... Next to "Tasia (Heart) David, someone has penciled in ME 2... Firstly, who was in the boys room writing a girl's name loves a boy's name.. And who was also in the boy's room saying me 2 to that..

Not sure if this is any worse... "MK (heart) DK" I hope this represents a married couple, or a coincidence of last names beginning with a K (a rare and germanic couple)... I don't know if myy hope will be validated..

Nevermind that this is the fricking boy's room!!! Scrawl some obscenities like you've got a pair!

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