Friday, June 27, 2008

Moblogging- no pics available

In case you haven't noticed or aren't in greater seattle area, it's a little warm outside.

[picture of melting face from indiana jones movie ]

The advantage of this is that as the weekend goes on, many ladies around my and other neighborhood will be dressed in less than the usual amount of clothing

[picture of woman in bikini top and shorts ]

There may, however, be corresponding disadvantages, some that may constitute danger to one's sanity.

[picture of banana hammock]

In other words, today wasn't a good day at work. I felt generally very stressed and distressed. Then, they gaved me beeers. Unfortunately, the first was apricot-weizen. And you have to finish a beer once you start it. It's a rule-no really.

[link to kisw's "The Men's Room"'s Men's Room Rules]

[Link to Sublime's Summertime with text over it "well qualified to represent"]

1 comment:

The Mushroom said...

Careful, apricot-weisen will emasculate you. :) Great pics!