Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finding a rhythm that works.

I have a little advice for anyone with a long commute. See if you can take a train. Did that this morning, it was comfy, it was stress-free.

If you're gonna take the train, plan on taking the one *before* the one you need, at least for the first few days. I discovered this morning that the train runs on time. I showed up 4 minutes after it was supposed to have been there, and there it wasn't.

If you're going to take a walk at noon to figure out your route to get the train home, don't wear a heavy leather jacket. It may be stylish but you'll be sweaty.

Taking the stairs everywhere (including up and down 5 stories) is healthful, but prepared to have an embarassing shortness of breath the first day you do it. Maybe the next day too. I'll let you know.
Back to work in a few. Thanks for reading!

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The Mushroom said...

Ahh, the job-related things we learn that aren't about the job itself...

When I was taking the bus to 2nd & Union in Seattle (from Tacoma) daily for a temp job, I figured out that two busses leaving at the same time for the same destination do not always arrive at the same time. And that given a choice between a bus that gets there 40 minutes before you need to be there and one that arrives 2 minutes before you need to get there, the body's tendancy is to take the latter one but there will always been that day or three in the week where it's more like 7 minutes after you needed to get there. I came to like sitting at the closed restaurants on Post Alley for half an hour writing in my journal and watching the Pike Street merchants set up shop.

Congrats upon the transition. Keep us posted and yay you. :)