Friday, September 28, 2007

TGIF, or something

My hour zero appears to have been taken from me. It seems that the time I get up now, at least two days out of the week, is plenty to get myself and my son out the door in time for him to visit his mother at work and me to catch the train (last night he was insisting I would fall off the train, hasn't happened yet), but it doesn't give me time for dilly-dallying personal projects. I'll have to see how the train goes Monday.

In other news, there's a Herfy's almost directly adjacent to the new office building. They don't do shakes, sadly, but I may still find it impossible to resist "forgetting" to bring a lunch on Monday. "Oops! Shucky-darns..."


The Mushroom said...

Herfy's is gonna destroy your girlish figure.

the illiterate said...

Turns out I was being fishy, they totally do shakes, i just missed the large section of the menu which described this.

And I won't make any crude jokes about girlish figures.

Beer friday... I don't know how they expect me to be mentally productive after giving me a suds.

The Mushroom said...

If it involves technical support of customers in any form... you won't need them brain cells. :)

the illiterate said...

Currently, it involves busting myself through networking 101 at the same time as learning the product I'm supporting.