Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cue the happy music

Bad news first: I'm no longer eligible for overtime pay, and I'm going to continue working OT as much as possible until things cool down...

Good news.. my new job likes me so much that as of friday I am a regular employee, making 5/4 my previous pay, which was a pittance more than when I was babysitting crackberries and their owners. Now I'll be babysitting people who are supposed to know what they're doing. And usually they do. woot. WOOT!

Not much else to write about, really. We had a medical situation in the family which was not an emergency, not a surprise, more scary than it should have been, and absolutely necessary.

Me, I'm sporting a new (massively ancient) toy i need to setup, and because of it i need to make some hard decisions about my home network setup. Also need to decide what computer crap I'm keeping and what I'm getting rid of, as thursday i have to drive to seattle and will therefore be able to swing by a recycler. seems you can't legally throw away computers.. for good reason, really. Anyone want an EGA monitor?

the blood that lights your eyes


The Mushroom said...

First, enjoy your unpaid overtime. :-D Glad that this is better than crack(berries). I'm supporting them myself (usually on TMO but not always), though with a much more limited scope -- just activations, not much troubleshooting and nothing to do with the service provision.

Hope the sudden medical shennanigans turned out okay.

Finding a computer recycler isn't hard (especially when you've got a sibling in the biz). But trying to find where to dispose of your fluorescent lights... that's more of a challenge. Oh, and speaking of old tech, remember that toy Windows Mobile phone you showed me ages ago? Seems that Dollar Tree offers plastic Crackberries, or the one on 38th and Tacoma Mall Blvd does anyhow. I haven't bought one yet but I was tempted.

the illiterate said...

are you kidding? you have users that need crackberries! offer them trade-outs while you fix their regular one.

aag said...

Congratulations! Better pay and more job security is a good thing. :)

And will the recycler be open on Thursday?! I'd think most places will be closed. If you find anyone who desperately wants a monitor, I could donate to the cause as well (actually, I think they let you put one monitor out at the curb for recycling here...I just gotta check whether that is, in fact, true before hauling it out there).