Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kudos to our televised overlords

Today, while cleaning my office, I watched two episodes of Scrubs on I had to watch commercials, didn't really pay attention to them or care.

Saved me the trouble of torrenting them. You see, I'm perfectly happy to let the evil corporation make a buck off me enjoying their media, if they give me the option. If they don't, I have trouble feeling guilty about doing otherwise.

It's as American as manifest destiny, which is to say it's okay to steal things as long as you believe you deserve them. I can't see myself applying this principle to say.. a shrink-wrapped dvd on a store shelf.. but a freely available electronic copy that doesn't actually deprive anyone of property by making it (and which WILL make me more likely to shell out for the DVD if I like it).. it's a grey area.

Not for me, but for a friend whose life is complicated in ways I hope to never experience.. Why did they change the locks?

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