Thursday, January 24, 2008

At risk of becoming family circus...

My son came to me with two golf clubs, requesting my assistance in dragon slaying.

We walked to his room, I let him equip me with one of the weapons, but the dragon failed to appear. Shortly therafter I returned the club to his care.

He came back to me.

"Daddy, can you help me fight the dragon?"
"I need to work on dinner, son."
"Daddy, please, I need you to help me."
"This is a battle you may have to face alone."
"You can have the yellow club!"

Who's with me?

If you should youtube that song, i believe the term to be used is "fist-pumping"..

The boy is keeping me a bit busy for a longer blog entry. Gotten a little annoyed at my DS game, so the train rides are kind of dragging, perhaps you'll see something tomorrow...

Perhaps not.

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The Mushroom said...

According to the Blue Man Group, that's known as "Rock Concert Movement #37: Flashing the Floppie The Banjo Clown Hand Puppet".

There are worse music videos one could watch.

Cute story... I hope Nemo got those dragons slain, you don't want those cropping up on you again.