Thursday, July 31, 2008

Riding off perpendicular to the sunset...

In the squeaky metal cage one last time.

As I may have neglected to mention, I will be moving, tomorrow, to a new shift, starting close to the time the sun rises. This means getting there on time will involve a starting time which is not acknowledged by transit and many species of bird.

What does this mean? Less moblogging. When I post it will generally be at a proper computer, from which I can post proper links to lyrics or youtube.

Also will mean a bit more time, say 3 hours, during which I need babysit no customers or children. During this time I may exercise, write computer code, construct model siege equipment, study for my trepannier's license, maybe even finish Zelda:Twilight Princess or Pharaoh. Every single day, almost. It's a fantastic notion, really.

In local news, we seem to have broken this whole "nice sunny day" habit. It was an unhealthy indulgence, and could only further embolden californians to move into our neighborhood and drink coffee at our diminishing supply of starbucks locations. Not sure how I feel about the rain today, which seemed to be mostly mud. Maybe a bit more sunshine wouldn't hurt. C'mon, jetstream, don't hold out on me..


1 comment:

The Mushroom said...

Good luck with your trepannier's license... we need another one of those like a hole in the head.

I believe in pro-active phrenology, where the bumps you put onto someone's head tell the future.