Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging towards Gomorrah

Or Everett, I think.

Not Gamera, probably.

Been reading a lot of Shamus Young's blog, lately. If you'll forgive me for being 2.0 here, I found that this was a riveting read: Even though it has afflicted me with the urge to dust off the ol' compiler, and severely reduced my productivity for a little while, bouncing between it and actual work.

The bus ride home is a ritual which pleases me less than the train did, but I have become accustomed to it. I can't object to it in a serious way, and is probably easier on my wallet than driving will be (which starts in a couple weeks).

Not too much of importance else to say. I have a gift for one of my readers... I discovered it on my trip through oregon, and will need to mail it, or order another and have my chosen e-tailer ship THAT one, keeping the first for myself.

Servers are heavy. Not the ones that bring you coffee, but the ones that bring you email. The former are probably just as tough to lug around, but generally you only have to carry the latter, really..

I'm a little scattered due to my obedience, right now. Shortly before leaving work, I was ordered to imbibe a Pabst Blue Ribbon. As I wsas short on time, I elected to drink it without pausing. As a thousand tiny blades bit the back of my tongue, it was declared that I would be reasonably expected to produce an impressive belch after finishing it. I believe I did not disappoint.

You know we ain't gonna die....


The Mushroom said...

Everett = Gomorrah. Or gonorrhea.
Gamera is friend of all children, Everett is not, and the sign at the city limits of Gomorrah says "now entering Sodom - watch your ass".

For being 2.0 you seemed to have been failing HTML. ;-)

If the reader you have goodies for lives in Pierce County, do let me know which way you wish to go. (If not, ne'ermind... just thinking of how many readers you have, and the statistical probability you meant me.)

Servers that bring you coffee can be pretty heavy too. This I know from experience. And I am proud to hear you rocked the rafters, as God intended. Surely He did. 'Twas Ben Franklin who said that God gave us beer because he wanted us to be happy. Ben knew stuff.

the illiterate said...

I learned html once upon a time, but it didn't stick.

That post was "phoned in"

The Mushroom said...


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