Monday, September 1, 2008

It's 3:30 in the morning

And it's damn cold.

The auctioneer across the street is still clinging to conciousness, I hear his amplified voice reverberating through the walls of the old mill across the street where he is no doubt also feeling very cold.

Here in this little town you've never heard of, things are mostly quiet. A generator is humming and grinding steadily to give them light, and my vending machine mocha is almost too hot for me still.

Nice, just now as I type this I heard Mr. Taylor thank his remaining audience. That means shortly they will wander out into the frigid night, drive back to their favored sleeping nooks, and the rest of this night shift will be still and calm.


the illiterate said...

Bathroom euphemism of the day:

"I gotta do some paperwork"

The Mushroom said...

I have long wanted to go to a Taylor Auction when I was in town. But that would take a chunk of time out of my browsing, and this cannot be.

But I have been to Taylor's auctions before, that's where we got our sleigh bed years ago, and he regular auctions at a storefront at 84th & Pacific in Tacoma. Which is why I shouldn't go, hundreds of dollars leave my pocket every time I attend... :)