Wednesday, October 15, 2008

About which I am still confused about.

Ending sentences with prepositions...

I've been fighting an uphill battle in my own speech lately, trying not to end sentences with "of, about, under, off, at", and other relational items.

You see, the problem is that I'm speaking a bastardized germanic pigdin created so romanized angles and their saxon neighbors could sell sheep to one another.

Oh, and I've been sick in the sense of "long string of coughs followed by blowing my nose like a foghorn". My co-workers haven't been amused.

this man is a genius


The Mushroom said...

Add to that the flexibility of the language as expressed over the years. Take for example how "Knoweth thee whither?" became "Do you know where?" Also the subject/verb inversion, which was the method of one to two hundred years ago, has been mostly irradicated except in common phrases... and I have no idea why that subject came up in a job interview many months ago, like putting the direct object before the verb was possibly grounds for withdrawal of consideration.

the illiterate said...