Friday, October 24, 2008

games as storytelling

I really have to stop doing this.

If you listen close to everybody's heart..


The Mushroom said...

I like that video, he's pretty good with his lessons. (The video games and sex one hit various nails on their heads.)

My wife had looked up Neil Patrick Harris on a "where are they now?" site which apparently didn't mention Dr. Horrible, so I had to show her an episode on Hulu. We had places to go so after one bit I said, "Had enough?" Surprisingly she said "no" and we went through a couple more songs.

the illiterate said...

i didn't much care for his take on games as a vehicle for learning.

i think games can be fun and educational. i would have spent every moment of my time in kindergarten playing math blaster if they had let me.

i know that when you were in kindergarten, there was a lot more emphasis on how to properly defend one's self from rampaging dinosaurs, but we played games for learning.

the illiterate said...

i found the art-house pics of miz croft very inspiring, myself.

The Mushroom said...

The only rampaging dinosaurs we had to contend with in my day were in Crush, Crumble, and Chomp! on the Apple //e. And the teachers.

Games can be an educational vehicle, but the wheels seem to go two ways -- either toward actual learning, like Leapfrog titles now and MECC titles in my day did, or a thread of learning hidden under a ton of merchandising, as we see in Disney-themed "edutainment" games are.