Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gadget Envy

[edit: I love my wife. I really really really love my wife. We talked tonight, she said I can buy my new phone tomorrow. She hadn't even read this pathetic whining here. ]

It is a constant with public transportation that while it relieves you of the stresses of traffic and driving, it leaves you with a large amount of time to kill. I have this:
People near me have these...

Just sayin, is all... 'snif.

Ain't life a mystery?


The Mushroom said...

Glad to hear you got the green light to update your phone from your better half. Now, which one did you wind up getting?

I'm more old-school.

the illiterate said...

ah, crazy grandpa and his music us 90s kids are either too old for or too young (i'm feeling too lazy to check) to remember.

SprintPCS 6800. evdo revA, wm6, fat proc, support 4 gb microSD, no extra charge for tethering, and i'll be paying less than 40 a month because I got a hook-up.

The Mushroom said...

HTC Mogul... Very nice choice, and far less limited than what vee-zee-double-you offers. :)

Guess at too young, since the song came out in 1983 (the Standing In The Light album).

aag said...

She does spoil you, doesn't she? :)

Glad your fellow train passengers won't have to endure any more envious glances. Of course, now YOU might have to endure such envy...