Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrating my new handheld

With a look at things I do when not at work or home.

Which mostly covers my time on the train..
(seriously, is that an ampersand? If so, why?)

And on my lunch break.
(exterminate, exterminate)

I see some things on the way which engage my interest as a general nerd, which apparently includes "train nerd"
(I just need one more of these and a microphone.)

And wasting time with one of my electronic toys..
(not so much a gameboy with tetris, as an automated smackdown device)

My many electronic toys
(some might say, too many)

Oh, on the top right there? That's a 6800 from $carrier. It has it's foibles and idiosyncracies, which I am used to as a former support dork for similar time-wasters.

Which the awesome power of this pocket computer, I

1) listen to the radio (fm reception is crappy along the train's route) via the internet
2) ???

I've loaded a Sega Genesis emulator, but my game that I still play on the genesis doesn't emulate well on it. (some emulators can handle the code they used to display menus, some don't).. I've gotten my work email setup, which is great if you actually want to bring your work home.

I've had limited success with the web browser. I loaded opera mobile, which teased me by allowing me to think i was logged in and able to post on my blog, but crashed when I hit the submit button.

Now I've updated my blog, for those who have complained.

Maybe I'll launch a moblog, since I'm planning on doing some walking of the streets during my lunch breaks.


The Mushroom said...

Heh, nice Daleks.

the illiterate said...

isn't that what they look like?