Monday, October 22, 2007

A week of mondays

Gotta love it.

We're busy at work.. consequently, every day I will be rising at 5, out the door by 6, and back home at 6:15. Sadly, this is just to get in an extra hour each day of work.

Learning a ton, though. Starting to get the feel for phone conversations, even if I do feel like I have to actively conceal my ignorance on calls. This is what I signed up for, though. A chance to learn things I had never been exposed to before.

I shouldn't complain, though. Tonight I get to actually sleep next to my wife, and tomorrow, and for two more days after this. Also, and I know better than to say this is more exciting, tomorrow night I should theoretically be able to master a dungeon. Hain't done that in a damn month.

Aeria gloris

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aag said...

I think I'd prefer the month of Sundays, but at least you only have a WEEK of Mondays. :)

Don't you hate how ignorance always seems to be paired with learning? Learning would be much more fun if we could feel intelligent while we were doing it...ah well.

Speaking of learning, I've read about half of the Dombrower's book you recommended. It is actually pretty intriguing, despite being a textbook. And reading it allowed me to fulfill the stupid objective from my last review so that I can look forward cheerfully to the review this week. *sigh*