Saturday, October 20, 2007

Treading water

And thinking of taking a swim..

The new job is starting to fit better. After 7 working days of doing my job, and a week and change before that of independent study, I had some regular training. Something seems a little out of order there.

Didn't stop me from actually talking to customers yesterday. I was a little shaky on one call where the customer needed a walkthrough, but I found ones where there was a tricky problem to solve were not that bad. One I was able to crack no problem, another one was super confusing. I told the customer I'd call him back with a fix within half an hour. 40 minutes of four more experienced people also scratching their head later, we found the problem. Turns out that if you take the configuration file from a machine in network A, put it in a machine doing the same job in network B, you can probably get by, until you expect those two networks to play together. "No, that's MY subnet! No, it's mine! MOM!!" called dude back, fixed it quick.

Another call I knew the answers, but it was going to be a lot easier to type up everything without the customer asking me eight thousand questions that weren't related to anything I support. So I let him go, researched one odd error message he'd asked about, typed up instructions on the fix to his original problem, and updated the case.

Good times.

You load sixteen tons an' what do you get?

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The Mushroom said...

Now you've got Tennessee Ernie Ford's baritone voice going through my head... thank you. :)

Good show on the f1x0rz. :)