Monday, July 9, 2007

Critical memory failure.

You ever try to remember whether something 6 years ago happened in january or february? One of my friends claims he does, which could get me clear of a big hunk of trouble.

Unfortunately, we have one piece of evidence, combined with an old check register, which seems to contradict this. Of course, the check register is only meaningful if the memories are valid.

So I'm going with one person's memory over another. Mine is swiss cheese when it comes to things that far back.

So I have gotten no-where fast.


The Mushroom said...

For the longest time I've been writing and telling people that a certain relationship happened in 1985 and ended in my senior year. Including the person that it involved. In looking at the letters for kicks [in the head], I found out that the relationship was 1984, ending in my junior year. And the other person in the story never contradicted me.

aag said...

Yeah, I'm no good at details such as time. My manager asked me for the date of something which happened last month, and although I tried to figure it out based on other things I could remember happening, I was still off on the date. And that was only a month ago--not six years ago!

And while we're on the subject of time, and the past...I was going through some old school stuff, and found that I have been being generous, over the years, in my retelling of the story of my evil English profs' assignment to read Uncle Tom's Cabin. I had been saying that he gave us two weeks to read it (with no advance warning that he was going to assign it). I was wrong. He gave us one week (with no advance warning). And I was taking two other literature/writing courses at the time. I have no idea how I actually read all the way through that book in a week.

No wonder I was a wreck when I graduated. Silly, overachieving me.