Thursday, July 12, 2007

The internet: wasting your time more every day., for example.

or whatever memecat site floats your boat

Or even just stop by a friend's site.


the illiterate said...

AAG, I'd include your blog in the last if I knew where it was. kthx

The Mushroom said...

Thanks for pimping Bill Ding! :)

we can has memecats? o rly! kthxbai

aag said...

Well, now that I have been scolded for not checking this blog on a frequent enough basis, I went back in my email and found the URL so that I could access it on a computer which has working internet. I hope you're happy. :)

I was lazy about my blog. It's just on myspace. I will email the link to you...and you can pass it on to mushroom if he's dying of curiosity, and has nothing better to do. :)

the illiterate said...

Alright, point taken. You don't HAVE to check my blog every day. It's not required.

However, it's the only way you can prove that you really care. :P

aag said...

lol Well...fine. But, in that case, I don't have to leave comments.