Friday, July 27, 2007

The last few weeks of my life.. in pictures.

We had some water on the carpet.

The carpet padding was pulled up.

The maintenance lady had a laugh at the tile-work done by the original contractors.

They removed large piles of soaking wet padding materials.
(left-- carpet padding.. right-- noisy blue monster)
We had to box up and move.

While we moved out, we did the best to entertain our boy.
Including going out to the railway museum.

Where they had the "Day Out with Thomas"

I saw some cool pieces of history.
And experienced LEGO ENVY.

And to a lesser extent, HO Scale envy.

And uh.. well, we've got the blue plastic tracks, not the wooden one. We do have some of that style train. Some of these (including one we owned) were recently recalled for lead based paint. I hate China right now. And been finishing up the move since then.


Mushroom said...

Twains! Twains! *splort splort splort*

The person I was supposed to visit a few days ago that I haven't seen in 15 years is going through similar matters -- there's a move in the works, and there's water-soaked carpet pad growing mold being torn out.

aag said...

That's why I'm not a fan of carpet. My brother's house actually had carpet in the bathroom, right up to the edge of the tub. Not a very good idea. It was rather yucky when he pulled up the carpeting to replace it with tile.

Hope there will be no washing machine disasters in your new apartment. :)

The Mushroom said...

There's carpet in only 10% of my home (the familyroom, covering a cement former garage floor) plus an area rug in the livingroom... all else is tile and hardwood and vinyl. You get one guess where the cat always upchucks.

Greg said...

I'm guessing he goes where it's warm and cozy to get sick.

Then he goes and sits by someone who is going to die that day.