Saturday, July 7, 2007


Enough of disturbing email..

For the third time this year, my washing machine flooded. It means I get a free visit from our apartment's cleanup people with shop-vacs and blowers and other free fun.

I really hope this doesn't mean a carpet replacement. We have considerable knick-knacks and such which would not be happily moved.

Pictures to come. This is a mess. I'll be up for awhile.


Mushroom said...

Do I wanna know why the room with the washer is floored in something other than vinyl? Wood is risky, carpet is outright dumb.

the illiterate said...

You don't understand.. I'll post some pics soon. You see, the laundry room is linoleum.

The rest of the apartment is carpeted. And got flooded.

The Mushroom said...

Okay, thanks for clarifying that. Not good situation either way if the deluge comes around triennially (or worse).