Monday, August 6, 2007

On visitation

Currently i'm at work, and i'm very tired, and i'm feeling weird.

Why am I at work? Because they wouldn't pay me otherwise.

Why am I very tired? I have family in town. This is a happy thing. I don't see these elements of my family often. They're staying with us. This is also happy. I enjoy having them around. No doubt. It also means that I never really relax. I'm busy feeding people, or busy watching shows with them, or out seeing sights. Don't really get to veg out and do my own thing.

Why am I feeling weird? I lent out my cellphone. it's like a bodily appendage, sometimes. Not the sort of thing you freely pass on. I had to let them use it, though. Wouldn't be right to leave them without a lifeline to home.


The Mushroom said...
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The Mushroom said...

The post so nice you made it twice? :)

It's never my own family that comes to call, it's hers. And I like them and all, but hate that I have to not be myself in their presence. But happily most of them just see our house as a place to sleep, having arrived late and leaving for whatever brought them to town early.

aag said...

I can't say I've attained that level of attachment to my cell phone yet (having only gotten one a couple weeks ago...yes, I know, I'm way behind the times). However, I can definitely relate to the not being able to quite relax when you have company. Hope you get to enjoy them and get some rest too. :)

the illiterate said...

they left too quickly.

The Mushroom said...

Time to veg out with your cell phone. That's the bright side.