Friday, August 24, 2007

Hour ZERO!

I'm trying something a little new.

Hour zero. I figure my day goes about like this.

Hour 1, i get up, head to work.
Hours 2-10, I work.
Hours 11-whenever, play with my son, watch the tube, do housework, go to bed.

.. So I need another hour. Or at least, I'm going to give myself another hour and see if it helps me.

Yesterday morning I got up an hour early. Got my computer on, downloaded the latest version of adobe's flash software. Don't work on 2k. 40 minutes done with.. Did some web surfing, then went and got ready for work.

This morning, I also got up an hour early. Got the 2004 edition. Installed it. Opened it up, and realized I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do with it. Gonna do some design thinking today, try again tomorrow. Ofc, tomorrow the Hour Zero lasts until my son wakes up, since I'm not working. I might get lured to bed by a lady needing a backrub (sadly, probably just that), but I should find some time to get productive on it.

Currently I'm thinking that "tower defense" games are a hot genre that don't seem to require a lot of thought, so I'm going to over complicate the hell out of it just to make sure I properly sabotage myself. Version 0.1 should probably just be vanilla TD, right? Then add other stuff?

We'll see what I do.

When I told my wife about this plan, her thought was that it sounded more like "time to screw around on the computer" than actually getting stuff done. I can't really argue against that point unless I actually prove otherwise.


The Mushroom said...

Blogger now lets you upload video!

Greg said...

and? it won't support flash movies..