Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's check the excuse file..

"Too busy"? Nah.. no-one would buy that. "Forced to construct plastic railway by 3-year-old at 5 am"? Too cutesy. "Busy preparing for flea market"? What's to prepare? All the stuff is up there. "T-virus outbreak"? Too epic.. "Blocking software at work"? That could do...

Howdy all you out there in blogger land.. Forgive my lack of updates, my work is now preventing me from posting to this blog from the office computer. has gone on the blocked list, while the blogspot domain is no yet iPrisoned.. I mean imprisoned. This means that from my desk I may look but not touch this site.

Friday morning I got up early, fully into the hour zero vibe, only to discover that I didn't actually remember how to operate the flash authoring tool. I've been giving myself some refreshers, and am feeling semi-ready to proceed. Tomorrow morning I should be able to do a bit, provided my son doesn't wake up when I get out of bed. He doesn't go to sleep with me at night, but he's very often laying on top of me in the morning.

And to my wife, who also reads but doesn't post here, happy anniversary. If I had it all to do over again, I'm sure I'd still sucker myself into it. Remember, the greatest gift you can give me for this special day..

No.. that's not it. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Much love. You don't need to wake me up for the eclipse, dear. I'll believe you.

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Mushroom said...

Happy anniversary, you two! It seems like just a couple years ago that I was attending your wedding.

Sorry to hear that iPrison has boned you yet again... I blame E.Lie, the original model for Eric Cartman.

This year the better half and I swear we'll leave the house early -- as in before 9am Saturday, gasp! -- so we can do some shopping!! instead of dashing quickly like a bumblebee around the town. We'll see if that actually happens, you know us and our deep love for our pillows.