Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Compact, charges from your pc, long battery life. Brilliantly awesome FM tuner. requires extremely evil proprietary software to load MP3s, and I never actually got it to work.

Compact, somewhat more clumsy controls, good audio quality and hassle-free mp3 file transfers, fm tuner is underpowered, or mine is. I need to compare it with my wife's.

The second one costs less than 30 bucks, and came with 2 gigs. The first cost more than a hundred when it was bought, and was only 512k. Bit of a time difference, you'll understand. The gigabyte sony is now 99 bucks. Paying for the name, i guess.


the illiterate said...

the picture of the pocket candy is true-to-life in size, on my 17-inch monitor at 1024x768. heh. my sony is at home. if i can't get the fm tuner on my pocket candy fixed, the sony may get carried around too just for that.

The Mushroom said...

Enjoy the Zest. Yeah, the Sony is pretty much paying for the name. I know the feeling of propretary loading software (I have two models of Rio) though 3rd parties have written superior loading software, partially out of necessity (the bundled software doesn't work under Win2k or XP).

Should be some written rule that says all MP3 players should have a USB interface and are treated like memory sticks. Requiring Windows Media Player or worse to load the sucker up is wrong. Those two beasts are pretty, grant you that, and neither of them have a white piece of tree fruit on them.

the illiterate said...

Windows media player I'd tolerate, at least it's already installed.

I think the plays-for-s..sugar clients we're used to were atypically challenging. You see, transferring from wmp didn't give our former employer any money. Note that their music-on-demand service worked.

the illiterate said...

I've solved the problem!

I'm using my sony when I need an fm tuner, and my pocket candy when i want mp3s!

Until I get my htc mogul, that is.

The Mushroom said...

It's always good to provide the correct drivers so that your [dildo] can be recognised by the operating system and, sigh, if you must, Windows Mediocre Player. That's the issue I recall seeing so frequently with the Motorola Status Symbol.