Thursday, August 30, 2007

toddler is my co-pilot

i write this now with one hand, my freshly woken son on my lap and held by my other hand.

We are preparing for an early morning voyage. First on a medical errand (no-one is at risk, but not all is good), secondly to the distant mountains for the "great big garage sale" to which my wife's family is inextricably linked. I won't have a headset strapped to my face until tuesday, a fact which dampens my general sense of weariness at the sleep deprivation and poor hygiene I will be enduring over the weekend.

Got a smidgen more done with the flash authoring tool. I've decided that I should create a single object for the walls on my game. i even created a test with a ball and map layout created, and was totally unsuccessful at getting the collision detection to work. I suspect it's a scope resolution issue, because the code is contained within the ball object and I asked it whether it was colliding with the map object without actually telling it to look at it's parent, the _root. Akin to saying "are you currently touching the smurf?" to someone who doesn't have a clue what a smurf is or where to look for it.

At what point does a toddler become a little boy? Is there an age cut-off? Or does it have to do with a growing vocabulary, comfort with walking, ability to manipulate the world around him (such as the parents)?

That's all I can say for now. It's theoretically possible I'll be able to post before tuesday, but no guarantees.


the illiterate said...

note punctuation and capitalization to see where he hopped off my lap to go play.

aag said...

Have a great Labor Day weekend. :) I think your readers might be able to let you have a few days off (especially the ones, like me, who lose a few days here and there...I thought I was checking your blog fairly regularly, but there were two I hadn't you're ahead of me).

Hope you guys enjoy getting away from it all, even if it means a little chaos for a few days. :)

The Mushroom said...

Embrace the chaos, you're not wearing the headset. :)