Monday, August 20, 2007

To plagiarize a friend

Tri-weekly to try weekly to try weakly....

So much stuff to catch up on.

Picked a terrible day to go to wild waves, had a good time despite.

Felt old the other day at the store. Heard a lady about 10 years my senior trying to explain to one ten years my younger the premise of the movie "Gremlins."

My head is foggy, I'll try to pick this up later. My brain seems to shut down over 70 degrees. Global warming can't be good for me.


The Mushroom said...

The premise of "Gremlins" was simple: Hoyt Axton landed a movie role, and he should not be fed or given beer (or watermelon wine) after midnight or six years later there'd be a sequel... unless you count the ripoff horror flick "Ghoulies" which'll get you in the end.

A friend named his cat Gizmo, after the character. Being a cat, he also tried to avoid water. I have never been able to look at a Furbie without thinking of Gizmo.

You'll catch up soon enough. Good to see you 'round, Greg.

aag said...

I've never seen "Gremlins." Should that make me feel young?

And where did you find a place which was over 70 degrees? It was cool enough today to cause the heat to come on at work (something I was grateful for, because all summer I've been bundling up since the air conditioning blows right on my desk).

aag said...

...and your friend is very clever. Nice play on words. :)