Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Returning to normal

Which for me, isn't all that impressive. My arms still ache a little, off and on, but I believe I'm well enough to try the gym tonight. Need to make sure i don't overdo things.

Probably tomorrow I'll have to get started on preparations for sunday. We're taking a flight to vegas, where I will be required to relax. And not do anything. This is actually kinda hard for me.

No, seriously, it's very hard for me. I have a ton of energy, I do a lot of things. My challenge is going to be having those things be productive and/or useful.


The Mushroom said...

Enjoy Vegas! I mean really enjoy it there. So much to do and so very little of it has to be "productive". And what happens there, stays there. ;-)

the illiterate said...

Yeah, I'm just going to let that pass without comment.

Sort of.

Mushroom said...