Friday, June 22, 2007

Good habits are hard to start.

The last few days I've had an excellent excuse not to go to the gym. A painful blister appeared between the 3rd and 4th toe on my left foot, making walking around rather uncomfortable. Over the past few days I've been lancing it as much as possible, and last night i removed a dime-sized piece of dead skin from my foot. This left me with a foot that felt much better, but another excuse not to go to the gym. I can't use the shower, pool, or hot tub, as I am not so much wanting to acquire any new and interesting diseases.

Well, tonight I went anyways. Got dressed at home in gym clothes, went there, worked out, came home in my sweat.

Been a few days since i updated this blog, because I haven't really accomplished much in my grand plan. got the tv stuff mostly put back together, got some speaker cable which needs cut, stripped at the end, and attached to the speakers and my tuner.

Experienced a strange happening on my way to the gym tonight. I found myself at one point sitting on a left turn, waiting as a long row of cars went past. When the light turned yellow, I defied convention (and possibly traffic laws) by accelerating through the intersection to make my turn. As I neared the gym, I approached an intersection with a light turning yellow. Ahead of my a car raced through, having only been able to move when I stopped for the yellow light.

So he did what I did, which made it hard for me to hold that against him. But then I got to thinking. There wasn't a car behind me. If I hadn't been in that place at that time, he would have had a free shot at turning left on that green light. It was only my act which made his act necessary. Am I then in some way responsible for not one, but two infractions of the traffic laws?

Going to try to update a bit more often, I've got some thoughts percolating and we may see some materials posted here relating to this. Hey mushroom, is there an easy way to upload other sorts of media on this blogspot thingy? I plan to insert some flash movies. I can hack the html if it won't automagically embed them for me, uploading will be a challenge. I'd rather not have to host them anywhere else.


Mushroom said...

I broke my toe a few days ago, and the bruising was rather amusing/amazing. No pain but I dont' do much walking, running, or other exercise... hell, sleep makes me break out in more of a sweat than jogging some days.

Imbedding video: If it's on MySpace and the like, they offer code snippets to paste in which should work (I see video links in Blogger blogs all the time). If not and you don't have an interface code whipped up, then just do a regular A HREF= link to the file.

One of the nutjobs in my office just tried to do a carom shot off a wall with a soccerball and he hit this "Success" motivational framed poster -- broke the lower right corner of the glass in the frame. The framed poster had been up approximately 30 hours. That's success!

Mushroom said...

fook, I meant "YouTube" when I said "MySpace" but they offer video hosting too so it's not an invalid statement.

Mushroom said...

update: It would be great if Blogger could host video, and I thought I read something about that being in the offing, but presently the upload window says "We accept jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size" so files and video are not options... ergo the hosting of your Flash vids has to be done elsewhere.

the illiterate said...

I'll find somewhere to host them.. probably not newgrounds, I can't get there from work.

Mushroom said...

Geoshitties? Photobucket?

The Mushroom said...

Blogger In Draft speaks of uploading video... w00t, check that out.

the illiterate said...

I'll have to expirement and see how it does with flash. Thanks, dude.