Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What you win in vegas...

Stays in Vegas.

We were up, we came down, we had some drinks, we're packing to go home.

Didn't play any D&D, but somehow this is OK. Blackjack is amusing.

Tomorrow I get to launder the smoke and booze and desperation out of all the clothes we brought with, even those that were never worn. Living as I do in a state where smoking is prohibited, it feels odd to be sitting in a restaraunt with someone smoking at the next table. The smell doesn't generally bother me, but it gives my bride fits.

Til I speak again, I leave you with the one thing I've learned on this trip. Split your eights. Sixteen sucks, you might as well die in style.


The Mushroom said...

House hits at 16, stands at 17... yes, split your 8's.

Mushroom said...

Happy Father's Day!

aag said...

I hope to go to Vegas within the next year or so...not for the winning or losing money part (definately not for the losing money part), but because I have a new niece there. :)

My parents are in Vegas now, and I'm sure we'll have to make numerous trips to the 1 hour photo place when they get back. :) They already have a houseful of photos of the grandson...and now we'll have numerous photos of the granddaughter to add to the collection. :)