Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Signs of the apocalypse

No, seriously, I saw a sign of the coming apocalypse. My little cable tv guide told me that Resident Evil:Apocalypse was coming on at 8 pm tonight.

Well, Apocalyptic in one sense, anyways.

Why am I telling you this?

It was coming on the Oxygen Network. Apparently it fit in nicely with their daily regimen of
1) Oprah
2) Movies about men who beat their wives.
3) Movies about children who have cancer.
4) Oprah talking to men who gave their children cancer by beating their wives.
5) Incredibly stupid but entertaining zombie movies.

Not really in the spirit of this blog, but it stuck out to me as unusual.

Went to the gym tonight. The last couple nights I've been busy with a) playing genesis games on my computer and b) taking care of my sick wife and son.

I installed flash on this computer, plan to do something about that soon.

To my two readers I bid a fond good night. I have a little boy demanding i turn off the computer. It's not like it was when he was little and just hit the keys randomly. Now he taps the power button saying "Take pooter off daddy lap!"

addendum-- google adsense will now appear on my site. hooray for capitalism..


Mushroom said...

Google Adsense:
> Fun, Real: Try Helium Now.

It makes my voice squeaky and gives me a headache if I try it more than twice...

I agree with you, Resident Evil coming to the O² Network is pretty funny. Beware of a Zombie Oprah coming to rip the faces off wife-beaters while delivering curative serums to kids with cancer. Starring Linda Lavin and Nancy McKeehan!

(uh, unless that was Lifetime and I was on psychotropic mushrooms...)

Health to your spawn and your spouse. Good to hear you're still faithful your exercise regimen. And to your Genesis.

aag said...

That does seem very odd. Though I'd have to say, if they were trying to find an incredibly stupid but entertaining zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead would have been a better choice. Perhaps next week...

And I'm impressed that you go to so much effort for us two readers. :) (At least you're not writing blogs which no one reads about books which no one has time to read...not that I would waste my time in such a manner...).

The Mushroom said...

Worse yet, blogs about what the person had for lunch. But this isn't LiveJournal. :)

the illiterate said...

Shawn of the Dead isn't stupid. IT IS AWESOME!

Anonymous said...


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