Saturday, June 9, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane..

Preparing my escape today. We left early this morning to deposit our son with his grandparents, and I now have the rest of the day to play warsong clean and pack. One of our projects this last couple weeks, and by "our" I mean "my wife's" has been a complete reorganization of our living room.

One task remaining is the entertainment cabinet. We're ditching our old glassfront, and will be using a low wooden stand which currently has a fishtank on it, as it will fit under the windows next to the TV.

I took a moment to take a family photo.

When I got sick last week, I stopped keeping my little work log. I'm mostly better, but I suspect that the best time to resume doing it is "later." Later is a great time to do things. Everything I plan on doing will be done later, so later I will be very productive.


We're starting our periodic shift shuffle at work right now. I submitted mine before leaving, and don't expect to be stuck anywhere really unpleasant. My employer's blogging policy prevents me from relating any opinions regarding our scheduling department.

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Mushroom said...

I'm familiar with both the policy and the employer, and have done the two-step a few times with WFM. The pain in my rectum passed, though my own employer's scheduler seems to be spitting on his member and leering at me...

Heh, "by 'our' project, I mean 'her' project..." That describes nearly all of my projects. :)