Sunday, June 3, 2007

oddly enough

I'm working today on sunday.

Have accomplished very little at home the other day, beyond basic care of my child and pet. Not even done those very well.

Friday I went to the gym, and put in three minutes and 25 seconds on the elliptical before my back-muscles told me it was time to quit. Spent some time in the hot tub, spent some time lounging (and lunging) in the pool, and when trying to get dressed, could not successfully put on my socks because it hurt too much to pinch or close my left hand.

Saturday I drank a fair amount of water, took some varied cold remedies, busted out my genesis (the savegame function works just fine, odd considering the batteries aren't supposed to last more than 5 years), and discovered that it has an annoying flicker on my projection screen. Will have to try on a regular tv screen, but it was greatly entertaining to be playing those games with a controller rather than a keyboard.

I'm currently sitting in an 80-degree office waiting for my lunch to conclude on a sunday. I agreed to work night shift today and tomorrow because my corporate overlords found it amusing (and I'm a team player, like the mouse who agrees to beta test mousetraps).

Using too many parens. Another sign that I've gotten lazy as a writer. I'd blame it on the heat, but that's just making excuses. Erm... My arms hurt too much to avoid them. This is a much better excuse. It implies that the problem is due to whatever mysterious ailment has caused my body to feel like one big pulled muscle the last few days. Can't be my fault, right?

I hate this illness, i really do. I sat by helplessly the last few days as the home I intended to clean became progressively messier, and then could only watch as my wife cleaned last night, rather than us actually spending some time together. I like doing stuff. I like taking care of things. We were out of milk this morning, and really low on it last night. Normally I would have dressed myself and my boy and walked down to the store. I was fairly sure attempting to carry a gallon of milk would introduce me to a new world of pain and suffering. And though he would try gallantly, my heir apparent would have trouble lugging one all the way home. He has carried such weight before, but usually decides to stop after ten or so feet.

With any luck I'll accomplish some things tomorrow before work. My car needed it's oil changed a month ago, probably still does. Tonight I would like to accomplish some video gameplay, but I've heard it's hazardous to forsake one's spouse for sega.

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Mushroom said...

It's hazardous to foresake one's spouse for any videogame system. Trust me on that one.

Ugh, sorry to hear you had to work today (so did I, without the benefit of a working SMTP server). It's 71° in my office and I've told you to apply here; you could at least enjoy your own air conditioning if not mine. Also sorry to hear you're losing your grip, I mean in muscular strength terms, and your energy... I know the last part all too well.