Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I loved today

Loved the directions I got.. "Not the first walmart as you go through town, but the second."

Loved hearing a rousing early morning cheer by the walmart drones. I can only presume that their job security depends on the appearance of sincerity. That or lead in the employee lounge's water cooler.

Loved, and hated myself for loving, the sight of a girl standing on the side of the road in a sweater and long pants, drenched by the pouring rain, advising us that her softball team was having a car wash. Good luck with that, sweetie. Loving sitting here in my empty apartment, a laptop on one side, a genesis controller on the other, and not having a damn thing to do or anyone depending on me. I miss my son already, no joke.

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Mushroom said...

"Not the first Walmart, but the second" -- this is actually true of a major thoroughfare in Portland, OR. The new and the not-terribly-old Walmarts are about three blocks apart.

If there isn't lead (or sugar, or starch) in the water cooler, trust me, they work at Walmart and wish there was lead or mercury in the water to cheerfully hasten their demise. They leave the vodka for after work, because it would negatively affect their job performance and Walmart has a very strict anti-substance-use policy that doesn't mention heavy metals.

Ha ha on the rained-out carwash. There's a rummage sale down the road benefitting the ACS which is suffering the same fate, with the readerboard saying "Cancer doesn't stop for rain, neither will we." Not all material goods are as durable or saleable when wet; that's the difference, kids.

What I loved today: coming across a website for sniping about one's school and classmates, and seeing just how catty intermediate and junior high students can be (emulating their rap idols, if you catch my drift). Who knew there were pimps and hos under age 14?